Transformational Living Center Open House

July 6th, 2009

TLC Open HouseMirasol opened its new Transformational Living Center (TLC) on June 15, and just a few weeks later, we celebrated with an Open House in honor of Mirasol’s 10th Anniversary. Guests were invited to tour the new 10-bed facility, and to share a fabulous buffet prepared by Mirasol’s world-famous chefs.

TLC is a new program based on 10 years of research into the most effective options for eating disorder treatment and relapse prevention. Like Mirasol’s primary residential program, it combines traditional therapy with alternative therapies proven effective in the treatment of chronic stress-related conditions. However, TLC recognizes that not everyone can take time out for long-term residential care, so its flexible program emphasizes real world skills and therapies that can achieve rapid improvements in the client’s ability to cope with stress.

“We offer process groups, individual therapy, nutrition education, cooking classes, medical support and other elements of traditional eating disorder treatment,” says TLC Program Manager Diane Ryan. “But we also do a lot of experiential work, including challenge courses, dance movement therapy and body image work. And we help the clients achieve balance in their lives by taking advantage of festivals, art exhibits, concerts and other events going on in the community.”

One of TLC’s specialities is “Brain Paint” a new development in neurofeedback that allows the client to continue EEG entrainment at home after completing residential treatment at Mirasol.

“We incorporate many more therapy hours than most transitional living programs,” says Ryan, “so that as the clients progress beyond the initial two weeks, they can choose what works best for them from a menu of treatment options.”

The Transformational Living Center offers individually-designed eating disorder treatment programs from two weeks to three months or more. For more information, please visit our web site or call 888-520.1700.

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