Moving Meditation

April 25th, 2012

Hozuhni is one of my favorite, favorite websites! Hozuhni teaches us about moving meditation. I thought all of my readers would love this1

I read a Buddhist story about two monks walking down a country road. They came to a stream and there was a woman trying to cross. She explained that she was afraid to attempt the crossing and one of the monks offered to carry her across. She thanked him and they all walked on to their own destinations. After about an hour of walking, the monk who did not carry the woman across the water said “How could you touch that woman? That is not right!!!” The other monk said “I put her down on the other side of the stream. It seems that you are still carrying her.” The first monk was helpful and did not think of it again but the other monk was in judgment.

Being in the moment is a hard task to achieve unless you practice it. The way I practice is by paying attention on my body: the way I am breathing, walking, feeling, my posture, my feet…

In order to develop a full awareness of the present moment I like to meditate in motion, when I can expand the sensations of the body through my senses.

This habit puts me in alignment with the moment.
However, when a moment shows up, that is not so attractive, I use this 10-10-10 rule:

What difference will this make in 10 days? What difference will this make in 10 months? What difference will this make in 10 years?

Shift your perception so that you always have wonderful moments.

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