For My Friend, Meryl Beck

October 21st, 2012

I normally do not help people promote their tele seminars, etc. But for a very dear, dear friend, I will do just that. My friend, Meryl, is one of the dearest, joyful, and enlightened women on the planet. A true treasure. So I want you all to be aware of her upcoming call about Breaking the Chains of Emotional Eating. It’s not about size — we can be any size and use food as a way of coping with our emotions. Meryl tells us how we can learn a different way!

Her teleseminar is free. It is called Break the Chains of Emotional Eating. 5 Steps to Stop Eating Your Heart Out and Start Living an Authentic and Joy-filled Life.

The date is October 25 at 1:00PM PDT and 4:00PM EDT.

I’ll look forward to seeing you all there! It will be worth your time, I promise!

You can get set up for the seminar by visiting:

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