Fat Talk Free Week

October 14th, 2010

October 18-22 is “Fat Talk Free Week,” an annual event sponsored by Delta Delta Delta to to help sorority sisters establish and maintain a positive body image.

Tri Delta’s “Reflections” campaign aims to empower young women to resist unrealistic standards of female beauty.

Peer-led groups on college campuses help members build a healthy personal body image through structured discussions, activities and exercises.

The University of Arizona’s “Fat Talk Free Day” included an information booth on the mall Wednesday, October 13, organized by Campus Health Services, the Women’s Resource Center and the UA Panhellenic Council, and co-sponsored by Mirasol.

It was followed by an evening presentation with Stacy Nadeau from the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty that was attended by more than 500 students. Participants at both events were asked to sign the following pledge:


Words of wisdom for women of any age! For more information about Tri Delta’s “Reflections” campaign and “Fat Talk Free Week”, visit their web site

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