Dove’s Self-Esteem Body-Image Program

April 23rd, 2012

This is information on the program that Dove (soap) just launched in England. I’d love it if we could get a discussion started her in response to their 4 questions!

Dove recently relaunched their self-esteem/body image program in the UK ( and ).

According to Dove, this program has already reached over 800 000 young people and they aim to reach one million by the end of 2012. Evidence for the effectiveness of previous versions has not been overwhelming positive in terms of the program’s ability to improve self-esteem and reduce body dissatisfaction among adolescents (see Richardson, Paxton, & Thomson, 2009). This is just one example of the many body image and eating disorder prevention programs that are being disseminated without a strong evidence base.

Four questions stem from this- feel free to respond to one or all:
You are beautiful image

1) Should we applaud the increased attention on body image and eating disorders, despite the lack of evidence that the program is as effective as it could be?
2) Is it enough to simply ‘raise awareness’, or should we always be aiming for reductions in body image concerns and disordered behaviours?
3) Is it our role as eating disorder and body image professionals to question and speak up about the dissemination of programs that lack a sound evidence base?
4) Are self-esteem oriented programs the most effective way to reduce body dissatisfaction?

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