The Channel and Turning the Mind

January 25th, 2013

The beginning of a New Year brings refreshment of a new beginning, thus people make new resolutions. One of the most popular seems to be, “I’m going to lose weight.” Gimmicks hammer us from all directions: be it the rampant ads of television commercials with a slew of new exercise gimmicks or the latest diets trending in the headlines, guaranteeing a loss of ”x” amount of pounds in just weeks while ALSO promising a glorious body to go with it.

AHHHHHHH!!!!! I can filter pretty well, but sometimes I just can’t take one more commercial, one more magazine headline, or one more cereal and shake diet. I like cereal, but who is realistically going to eat it for the rest of their lives every meal. I get frustrated because I know the truth; you can eat a bit of everything in proper portion. All foods can be worked into a meal plan for people who need to still have some structured guidelines for eating. We all need to exercise appropriately for strength, balance, and flexibility. There is no miracle diet or magic product to trump reality.

Smashed RemoveRecovery is a hard process, especially when going through re-feeding and weight gain, neither of which are comfortable. Frustration is only compounded when we try to distract by watching a little Jeopardy and are then hounded by 4-5 new weight loss diets and products. I empathize with everyone going through this, and yes, I think I have broken my remote control by throwing it across the room trying to escape the false promises on at least one occasion. :)

Despite it all, it is still an excellent time to get out of our bubble and challenge ourselves. While it may intensify in January, there are always going to be weight loss gimmicks surrounding us, and we need to remember to hold on to our truths. Our body needs appropriate nourishment. We can’t underfeed it, and we don’t really want to overfeed it. But, we will eventually get to the point where we will be able to trust our hunger and fullness cues. Until then, we may need to rely on our treatment team for awhile and trust in their guidelines and encouragement. Trust in the nutrition education you have received. Gimmicks don’t work; lifestyle changes work. This is not an easy process, and it certainly does not occur in 2 weeks or less as may be promised on the last infomercial you watched.

We are like caterpillars turning into a beautiful butterflies and we are all unique. Our bodies all need different levels of nourishment, balanced exercise at different stages, and trust in external guidance as we undergo this transformation. Hold on to your truths through it all. It’s difficult to turn a deaf ear at times, so have a mantra you can tell yourself over and over when distressing messages are bombarding you (rather than break your TV remote!).

There are no good foods or bad foods. There may be  foods that have different serving sizes, but in reality, you can have that piece of pizza instead of that diet shake. You don’t need fake diet pills. A refreshing bottle of water and piece of fruit will take you a lot further than a diet energy drink. Our bodies are a temple, and they deserve to be treated as royalty.

Everyone is at a different stage of recovery and has different needs. Whether it’s re-feeding, re-learning hunger/fullness cues, introducing intuitive and more normal eating, etc., keep going and turn a deaf ear to all the “lies” coming from media and even possibly your social network.

At first I wanted to educate everyone, but now, I just hold on to the truths in my head and repeat them over and over. “This is what my body needs. This is what is healing my body and giving me the energy to do what I am striving for. This is what I can trust and know.” It’s a great time to practice opposite-action, change the topic, or find new company.

We empower ourselves with the choices we make, and the more we can break away from destructive habits, the stronger we become.

Happy January. Don’t get me wrong. I have goals, but I have no resolutions, and I’m okay with that. Goal one: Find a new remote, maybe?

~ Faith, Guest Blogger

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