Try this: 15 minutes Daily Moving Meditation

April 25th, 2012

5 mins preparation:

Chose the time of the day that you have more energy and a place that you can move freely. If you can be outside, do so. If not, bring nature inside with a flower vase, a picture of a landscape, sounds of water, etc.
Light up a perfumed candle, insence or just spray the air with your favorite fragance. I love to use sage! Get that music that you really love to hear. Drink water.

5 Minutes – journaling
As the music starts to play, seat and write down your deepest thoughts and feelings by scaning your body for sensations. Perhaps a tighteness on the neck or a stiffnesss on the back? Write what comes to your mind and a healing intention. What do you need? Perhaps courage? Peace? More laugher? Pain relief? Write that down on the paper.

5 mins – moving & breathing
As the song continues to play, stand up and start moving – it does not matter if it is fast or slow – just feel the music and let it dance you. For every movement – a breath.
Begin by shifting your body weight from side to side. Focus on on body part at a time. Start on the feet, then knees, legs, hips, torso, arms, hands, head.

Like the waves in the ocean, never stop, let one move folow another, until the music ends. BREATH.
Perhaps you will feel the need to do it longer. So, let the music repeat. At the end, come to center by aligning your feet, hip width apart, knees slightly bent.
Lay your hands on your belly as you say a mental THANK YOU for being alive.

Write down how you feel changed. This naturally and profoundly moves you to transcend into becoming your higher self, who can create the best solution for you and achieve your greater good – every moment in your life – always rightly synchronizing with the universe’s power to change what is wrong to what is more right for you than you ever imagined.

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